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Between What We Have And What We Want!

Posted On February 10, 2016 Thought Technology



Have you ever sat for a minute and focused on your life, how you are spending it, what are you getting from it, etc?



Probably, no. None of us.

All our lives we just keep running after our desires and ambitions, keeping not only our most valuable relationships and responsibilities aside, but also our peace of mind. What is it that makes us run like crazies?  The answer that comes to our mind is money, power, position, name and fame. Aspiration of becoming a millionaire, holding a top-notch position in some big conglomerate, becoming a well-known person, etc  makes us feel happy and push us into this rat race. And from there starts a relentless hunger to earn money, in order to avail all materialistic comforts, thus compromising on our health, time and peace.


If we closely look at the actual cause behind this blind race, we all would conclude that it is happiness, that we want to derive from all these. But happiness at the cost of our health, mental peace and time, is it worth it?


No, happiness has no correlation with materialistic factors, happiness is an outcome. It is the residue that remains with us for the rest of our lives, everything else is transient. Think of the first time when you got a promotion, the recognition and appreciation you must have received from your boss and peers and even your family members, must have faded after a few days, but the happiness, the way you felt on your success, is still there with you, isn’t it?


Happiness is a state of mind which can be attained in any situation provided we know how to channelize our thoughts. Happiness is an internal creation and can be created irrespective of external comforts. However, this does not ever mean that we should not aspire for money, name or fame, but we should be wise enough and should not focus on them as the basic objective of our life. We should pursue our dreams and learn the art of channelizing between what we have and what we want. The story is all about the way we bridge the gap between our current states and the one we desired. 


Now let’s throw some light on how to bridge this gap! First of all, learn to be contented with what you have. Be it a not-so-good bank balance, a less advanced model of a car, fewer loved ones or even a broken dream! Contentment gives you happiness. If you believe you are successful, you already are. Just move on for further achievements and define success in your own terms, don’t be swayed by the societal benchmarks.


Always give your best, be prepared to face the challenges and learn how to overcome the hassles. Believe in yourself as this belief will keep you away from negative emotions. Do not use short cuts to success; remember what goes around comes around. And, soon you’ll find yourself getting closer towards what you want, which will end at what you wanted is now what you have!!



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