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  • Established in 2015, Roccia Bliss is an initiative for a better society by cultivating and implementing Thinking Skills in people. It is motivated to bridge the lacuna in education system, professional working culture and non-working society to equip people with the ‘Thought Technology’. The company tries to develop innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems and offering new ideas for wide-scale change.


  •  In the current scenario, we find a missing linkage between what we have been taught and what we require to implement. Be it a mismatch between education and life after college or between workplace skills and life skills, we found that merely executing the skill development courses is not sufficient enough to make a worthwhile transformation in people’s mind. We are taught to study, taught to speak, taught to behave, taught to manage but we are never taught “How to Think?” We believe that our core principle of applied thinking skills forms the pillar of any massively scalable solution, and put us in an ideal solution to address the above mentioned mismatch in all walks of life.


  • Roccia Bliss offers various thought provoking courses and workshops that lead to life’s outcomes for working and non-working people. These programs are a blend of soft skills, life skills, entrepreneurial skills and technical skills flavored with Thought Technology. We offer customized trainings to provide solutions to help increase the productivity, performance and profitability of the manufacturing, transport, banking, trading, hospitality, education, IT and service related businesses and organizations. We believe in customizing and developing specific solutions through a collaborative process designed to identify a client’s needs, requirements and objectives. The company delivers corporate trainings, educational trainings, life coaching and hands-on solutions to help solve day to day business and life challenges.


Many organizations around the world focus on skills and personality development, yet we are the only one’s out there trying to get a scientific and relevant model of TRANSFORMATION which is the guiding principle of Roccia Bliss. Our model has been developed to be culturally relevant and we ensure that our programs are impactful, valued by the participants, remain relevant to their lives, and continue to improve. The company is all set to spread the solution on a wide scale.

Roccia Bliss is possessed by its idea of transforming people’s mind and raising Per Capita Happiness thus making the world a better place to live. We are visionaries but also realists and are ultimately concerned with the practical implementation of our vision above all. We want to act as the change agents for society, invent new approaches and create solutions to change society for the better.